Laura Scull
Biography and Personal Interests

My parents met in a math class and spent their dates hiking and climbing, so math and mountains have always been a part of my life. I was born and grew up in Ontario, Canada where we spent family vacations hiking, cross-country skiing and camping. I learned early that any proper vacation includes dirt, discomfort and bad weather, something I believe to this day.

I started mountaineering in my late teens, starting out on the snow and glacier climbs of the Canadian Rockies and gradually moving into more technical rock. I first came to the US to do my PhD in Math at the University of Chicago, which was very flat. I returned to Canada and spent 8 years in Vancouver, Canada before returning to the US. I moved to Durango in January, 2009 to take a job in the Math department at Fort Lewis College. This time, I checked Google Earth first to make sure it wasn't flat. I miss the glaciers but I'm enjoying the desert canyons.

The Scull family has wandered extensively through Western Canada and into the Northwestern US, and has also been climbing and hiking in the Andes and hiking in the Himalayas. My parents live in British Columbia, Canada and my brother and his family live in Toronto. The picture is my nephew, Lewis.