C.V. (Resume)



Photo by: P. Lindsay

Research Program - Dr. Cynthia Dott
Professor of Biology - Fort Lewis College
Affiliate Faculty Member of Environmental Studies
Riparian Plant Ecologist
2445 Berndt Hall (2nd floor of Biology wing); phone: (970)247-7322


My research interests are centered on the dynamic systems of RIVERS, and the riparian VEGETATION communities they support.  I am interested in questions such as:
  • How do geomorphology and hydrology interact to impact habitat for riparian plants?
  • How have human alterations of river systems altered the composition and dynamics of riparian communities?
  • What is the history of exotic tree invasion in riparian habitats, and how have native species responded or been impacted? 
  • What is the relationship between woody vegetation composition and disturbance history on western rivers?

Projects :