Math Tutorial Links

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Available Tutorial Videos

  • 02 - Unit Conversions - This video describes how to convert from one unit to another.  A simple example converts inches to centimeters.
  • 03 - An Astronomy Unit Conversion - This video describes how to convert from one unit to another, using an example from astronomy, going from kilometers to astronomical units.  
  • 04 - Powers of Ten - This tutorial describes using positive, negative, and zero powers of ten.
  • 06 - Arithmetic with Powers of Ten - This video describes how to perform simple arithmetic operations with powers of ten.  Scientific notation is covered in another video. 
  • 07 - Scientific Notation - This video describes scientific notation, and how numbers are represented in scientific notation.
  • 08 - Scientific Notation on Calculators - This short tutorial describes the use of scientific notation on calculators.  Specific examples using the calculators found on Mac OS and Windows computers are given.
  • 10 - Significant Figures - This is a brief introduction to significant figures using the example of a simple distance measurement.
  • 13 - Length, Area, and Volume - This is a short tutorial to help recognize a measurement as being a length, an area, or a volume, just by looking at the units.
  • 14 - Circles - This brief tutorial discusses how to find the circumference and area of a circle.
  • 15 - Spheres - This short tutorial discusses how to determine the surface area and volume of a sphere.
  • 18 - Frequency and Period - A brief tutorial discussing the relationship between frequency and period, and how to convert from one to the other.
  • 20 - Dimensional Anaylsis - Wien's Law - This is a short tutorial showing how to check the units when solving an equation and performing unit conversions where necessary.  The example uses Wien's Law.