Physics 202


Point Distribution

Lab: (minimum 25%)

The lecture course, and the lab course must be taken simultaneously.  Overall, the lab work will make up 25% of your grade.  However.  You must be passing both the lecture class and the lab class independently to receive a passing grade for Phys 202.  Don't be a lab slacker!  Generally, missed labs are very difficult (if not impossible) to make up. 

Tests including final exam: (50%)

There will be up to four tests and a comprehensive final.  The tests will include a qualitative component (~40%), and a problem solving component (~60%), but the details will depend on the specific test.  During the tests, you are allowed to use a calculator and any notes you can write on both sides of a 3x5 card.  Except for extraordinary circumstances, there will be no make-up tests.  For slightly less extraordinary circumstances, (e.g. you get elected governor of California, or have to accept a Nobel prize) I might consider letting you take a test early.

Homework: (minimum 20%)

Homework problems will through MasteringPhysics.  Some of the homework problems might be worked out during class time.  Late assignments are accepted with the built-in penalty via the web site.

If there are any hand-written assignments (including lab work) to be turned in, you must obey the following guidelines  or potentially lose points (typically 1 point out of 10 per infraction):

Class Participation, Reading Quizzes, and Instructor TBD: (minimum 5%)

There will be regular reading "quizzes" in class over the assigned reading for the day.  These will typically be given via the clickers.  Most of the credit will be for participation and discussions.  (Part of the purpose of these quizzes will be to verify that you are showing up to the lectures.)  The secondary purpose will be to see if you have done the reading.  I will also evaluate class participation via personal folders and three minute papers, as will be explained in class.  You will regularly be asked to present example and homework problems to the class.

The Curve

I will make my tests hard enough to challenge the best students, and therefore typically curve the test grades.  All curves will be up, but not down.  Final grades might be on a curve.  Grading scale is as follows: A>92%, A->90%, B+>88%, B>82%, C+>78%, C>72%, C->70%, D>60% (I may or may not include the + or - on the grades if I think it is appropriate for a particular student.)  If everyone scores greater than 92%, then everyone will get at least an "A".

Final Note

The instructor reserves the right to pro-actively change the class schedule and grade distributions during the semester.  The department policies on this matter are listed here: Department Grading Policies.  This link should also cover anything not covered on this page.