Engineering 202


Last page update 1/8/13

Point Distribution:

Tests and Final

There will be at least three tests during the semester, and a cummulative final.  The current plan is to have them every three weeks, as shown on the schedule, and each will be worth ~12-15% of your overall grade.  (Details TBD.)  Except for extraordinary circumstances, there will be no make-up tests.  For slightly less extraordinary circumstances, (e.g. you get elected governor of California, or have to accept a Nobel prize) I might consider letting you take a test early.  


Homework problems will be listed on the Assignments web page.  Some of the homework problems may be worked out during class time.  There might be occasional reading quizzes in class over the assigned reading for the day.  You will regularly be asked to present example and homework problems to the class.  You must obey the following guidelines on all homework assignments turned in, or potentially lose points:


The lecture course, and the lab course must be taken simultaneously.  Overall, the lab work will make up ~25% of your grade.  If you are passing both the lecture and the lab, then your grades will show up separately, as appropriate.  However, if you are averaging less than 60% on all your lab work, I may opt to make your lab worth 50% of your overall grade instead of 25%.  Don't be a lab slacker.  Generally, missed labs cannot be made up.


Part of this grade will be participation.  There will be an in-class folder and I anticipate regular "white board" work of solving problems in class.  There might be occasional reading quizzes in class over the assigned reading for the day.  These points might also be distributed between homework and test grades.

Final Note

The instructor reserves the right to pro-actively change the class schedule and grade distributions during the semester at any time for any reason, if it is determined to be in the best interest of the student(s), the professor, or both.

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