Engineering 337


Last page update 9/3/12

Point Distribution

Labs 25%

The lecture course, and the lab course must be taken simultaneously.  Including the final project, the lab work will make up 45% of your grade. Generally, missed labs cannot be made up, although other scheduling arrangements may be possible.  Lab writeups will be due one week following the scheduled completion of the lab activity.  Late labs will receive reduced credit of 10%/day.  The format for the lab write-up can be found here.

Tests: 40%

There will be (at least) two mid-term tests.  The current plan is for the "final" to be your final project presentations.  This may change before the end of the semester, but you will have ample warning if this happens.  The tests will likely include both a multiple choice/short answer component, some problem solving and a design component.  Except for extraordinary circumstances, there will be no make-up tests.  For slightly less extraordinary circumstances, (e.g. you get elected President, or have to accept a Nobel prize) I might consider letting you take a test early.

Final Project 15%

There will be a final design project for this class.  Your grade for that project will include portions for a working circuit, an in-class presentation, and a short report.  The rubric for the final project can be found on my O: drive.

Homework 15%

Homework problems will be given periodically.  Some of the homework problems will be worked out during class time.  There will likely not be a student grader for this class, so I may do "spot grading" on the homework, or let you share the grading responsibility.  That means they will verify that you have done the problems, and then grade in detail one or two of those problems.  Late assignments will typically not be accepted, but I encourage you to do the problems anyway and discuss them with your classmates.  I will, however, assume everyone will miss one assignment and factor that into homework averages.  If there is a grader for this class, I may include a "scale factor" for this componenet of your grade to account for any percieved discrepancies between your recorded score and your effort.

You must use the "standard engineering format" on all homework assignments, or potentially lose points.

Class Participation, Reading Quizzes, and Instructor TBD ~5%

There may be regular reading quizzes in class over any assigned reading for the day. Part of the purpose of these quizzes will be to verify that you are showing up to the lectures.  The secondary purpose will be to see if you have done the reading.  I will also evaluate class participation via personal folders and three minute papers, as will be explained in class.  You will regularly be asked to work out and/or present example and homework problems during class.

The Curve

I will consider assigning final grades on a curve (up, but not down).   The curve may require additional work on your part, so it will be important to attend classes before and after tests to clarify procedures.  This issue is TBD.

Final Note

The instructor reserves the right to pro-actively change the class schedule and grade distributions during the semester.  The department policies on this matter are listed here: Department Grading Policies.  This link should also cover anything not covered on this page.