Engineering 337 Analog Electronics Syllabus F-2012
Week Date Day Chapter Section Topic
1 28-Aug T 1 PN Junctions
  30-Aug Th 2.1-2.4 Diodes
  30-Aug Lab   Diode characterization (I-V plots)
2 4-Sep T 2.5-2.10 Diode circuits
  6-Sep Th 3.1,3.4 Diode circuits
  6-Sep Lab   Diode circuits (rectifiers; clampers; ladders)
3 11-Sep T 4 Bipolar Junction Transistors
  13-Sep Th 4 BJT characteristics
  13-Sep Lab   BJT circuits (switch, beta, voltage follower)
4 18-Sep T 5 BJT Bias Circuits (Thevenin equivalents)
  20-Sep Th 6 BJT Amplifiers
  20-Sep Lab   BJT circuits (switch2, amplifier)
5 25-Sep T 8 FETs, MOSFETs
  27-Sep Th x Test 1
  27-Sep Lab   timer, soldering,
6 2-Oct T x catch up
  4-Oct Th x Amplifiers
  4-Oct Lab   PCBs
7 9-Oct T 12 Op Amps
  11-Oct Th 12 Op Amps
  11-Oct Lab   Intro to Op Amps
8 16-Oct T 12 Op Amp Math
  18-Oct Th 13 Frequency Response
  18-Oct Lab   Op Amp Calculus lab
9 23-Oct T 13 catch up
  25-Oct Th x Test 2
  25-Oct Lab   Arduino
10 30-Oct T 15 Active Filters
  1-Nov Th 15 Sallen-Key Filters
  1-Nov Lab   Passive Filters
11 6-Nov T 16 More Filters
  8-Nov Th 16 Bandpass Filters
  8-Nov Lab   Bandpass Filter
12 13-Nov T x Oscillators and 555 Timer
  15-Nov Th x Catch Up
  15-Nov Lab   Catch Up
XX 20-Nov T   Break
  22-Nov Th   Break
  22-Nov Lab   Break
13 27-Nov T 9 Projects
  29-Nov Th 9 Projects
  29-Nov Lab   Projects
14 4-Dec T 10 Test 3
  6-Dec Th 10 Projects
  6-Dec Lab   Projects
        Final - 4:30-6:30 Monday