Fort Lewis College AG 101 Swine Project

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The Fort Lewis Swine Project began in 1992 as a hands-on project for the students in AG 101. The pigs are housed at the San Juan Basin Research Center (aka the  "old" Fort Lewis College campus).  During the past few years we have been purchasing purebred and crossbred pigs for the students.  Each student has the opportunity to "adopt" a pig weighing 15 to 35 pounds at the beginning of Fall semester.  During our first "pig lab" we adopt, name, take pictures, tag, weigh, vaccinate and castrate (if necessary) the pigs.  Throughout the course of the semester, we make field trips to weigh and check up on them.

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By the end of the semester, the pigs weigh 180 to 220 pounds.  At this point some of the females are returned to the breeder for breeding purposes.  I sell the remaining ones to students and community members.

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