Students and villagers construct a ferrocement tank in Ecuador

Don May, Ph.D., P.E
Professor of Engineering, Civil/Water Resources

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633 Berndt Hall
Fort Lewis College
Durango, Colorado 81301
970-247-7206 (fax)

Engr 103, Fundamentals of Engineering 1, Graphics in Design
Engr 215, Fundamentals of Engineering 3, Design
Engr 205, Surveying I
Engr 305, Surveying II
Engr 217, Statics
Engr 221, Dynamics
Engr 245, Sustainable Technology in the Developing World 
Engr 317, Mechanics of Materials
Engr 321, Fluid Mechanics
Engr 405, Engineering Design and Practice
Engr/Phys 496, Senior Seminar Design I
Engr/Phys 497, Senior Seminar Design II
Engr 407, Thermal/Fluid Systems Lab
Engr 425, Hydraulics and Hydrology

  American Society of Civil Engineers

Director, Village Aid Project at Fort Lewis College
Engineers Without Borders (VAP-EWB)

VAP-EWB is a college wide program that supports efforts to help developing areas worldwide with their engineering needs, while involving and training a new kind of internationally responsible student. Projects have included the design and construction of water, sanitation, alternative energy, and schools in villages in Thailand, Laos and Ecuador. The VAP Appropriate Technology Lab supports student and faculty R&D of devices and processes that support our international work. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions which use appropriate technology. 

Site Coordinator  LS-COAMP

FLC is one of 13 schools in an NSF funded initiative to increase the number of underrepresented minority students graduating in science, technology, engineering, and math. We provide tutoring, mentoring, scholarships, summer research opportunities and other services. 

Director, The Achievement Scholarship Program (ASP)
ASP is a scholarship program funded by the National Science Foundation to provide financial assistance to students with documented financial need who are seeking degrees in engineering, physics, and math. Scholarship criteria include both financial need and academic performance.