dawn mulhern 

ANTH 151: Introduction to Anthropology
                      Lecture based introduction to the subfields of anthropology including cultural, biological, archaeological, linguistic and applied                                approaches.                
ANTH 236: Introduction to Biological Anthropology
                      Lecture and laboratory introduction to biological anthropology, including evolutionary theory, genetics, anatomy and paleontology.
ANTH 241: Introduction to Forensic Anthropology
                      Lecture and hands-on introduction to forensic anthropology, including search and recovery, taphonomy and osteological                
                           techniques for human identification.

ANTH 246: Human Biological Variation
                      Lecture based introduction to human biological variation, including genetics, epigenetics, sex, ancestry, disease and adaptation.
ANTH 302: Research in Human Origins
                      Lecture and hands-on in-depth exploration of the human species and its origins including a detailed study of the fossil record.
ANTH 359: Forensic Osteology & Bioarchaeology
                      Lecture and laboratory advanced course in osteology with applications to forensic and archaeological contexts.
ANTH 398: Fundamentals of Anthropological Research
                      Lecture and practical applications of anthropological research methods including research design and data analysis.