Dr. Riggs' Rules: Policies for Classroom Behavior, etc.

Whatever your reason(s), you have made a choice to be in my class. With choice comes commitment. By remaining in this class you are making a commitment to adhere to class rules and guidelines. All of my classes are founded on four basic tenets: I will hold all students in my classes 1) CAPABLE, 2) RESPONSIBLE, 3) RESPECTFUL, and 4) HONEST. Below I describe precisely what I mean by each of these:



This is college!. It is not my job as an instructor to hold students' hands through class. My job is to educate students in those concepts about which I am knowledgeable. Every student is CAPABLE of earning a good grade in my class.

To hold students capable means that I will not provide: lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, study guides, or extra credit. Regular attendance, careful note taking and keeping up with the readings is the best way ensure that you do not need lecture notes, PowerPoint presentations, study guides or extra credit.

I will provide: Answers to questions about course content, academic and career advice, honest feedback on your work and progress, letters of reference for jobs and graduate school where appropriate.


To be responsible means to be answerable for one's own behavior. This means making things right when your actions cause problems for you or for others. It means that every student is accountable for the academic and behavioral decisions they make. Students earn grades based on the aforementioned decisions. Own up to those decisions that cause your grades to drop. 


To be respectful means to show consideration for one's self and for others. People who are respectful turn off their cell phones, do not text their friends in class, do not show up to class intoxicated or in their pajamas, and do not use their laptop for non-course related activities. Respectful people also do not talk over one another or over the instructor.


To be honest means to be real with one's self and with others. Sob stories about ill grandparents or snow accumulations in town will not get you as far in my class as the truth will. People who are honest know when they have done their best and when they have not. As the instructor I pledge to be honest about my knowledge of the subject matter and to give students real evaluations of their progress and behavior.



Every student is required to attend all class meetings each week. Because the material covered in class will be based not only on the readings but also on the lectures you will not be able to do well on the exams and other assignments without attending class. If you miss class it is your responsibility to obtain notes from your classmates. The instructor is not obligated to provide notes for you and I will not do so.


Students will come to class on time. Wandering in late is disrespectful to the instructor and to other students and will not be tolerated.   

Statement on Cheating & Plagiarism 

Cheating in any form will result in an “F” for the class and a file being established in your name in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  While most students are aware of what constitutes cheating in the case of examinations, many are genuinely confused about what it means to “plagiarize” in writing a paper. Plagiarism is the use of the work of another author without giving appropriate credit.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Use of drugs or alcohol by students on campus or in college sanctioned off-campus activities is strictly against FLC policy and will not be tolerated in this class. If I find a student in violation of this policy he or she will be asked to leave the classroom and may be faced with sanctions as specified in the student handbook (www.fortlewis.edu/administrative_services/flc_policies/04_human_resources/4-14.asp).

 Food in the Classroom

Eating in classroom is distracting to the professor and to other students and is not allowed in my class. Students are asked to eat their meals on their own time, not on my time. Drinks are tolerated in the classroom, provided that they conform to individual classroom rules (i.e., only water is allowed in computer labs and other specifically designated rooms on campus)


Laptop computers are allowed in class, provided they are used ONLY for taking notes and other class activities. Web surfing, chatting with friends, and other non-course related activities are not acceptable. Students engaging in these activities will be asked to turn off his or her computer.


Ringing cell phones are distracting, annoying, and disrespectful in the classroom. Make sure that yours is turned off PRIOR to entering the classroom.

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