Tutorial for Picking the Correct Statistics Test

Before you continue, please make sure you have the following information regarding your research project. You may want to write them down.

1) List all your variables
2) Indicate which ones are your dependent variables
3) Indicate which ones are your independent variables

If you have more than one dependent variable, you probably will need more than one statistics test.

I need help deciding which variable is which.

I'm ready to pick the correct statistics test!

Here is a summary on how to enter data into SPSS.

Here are instructions on how to run descriptive statistics using SPSS. If you want to try running the analyses yourself, you can download the problem dataset here.

Links in solid underlines walk you through the tutorial to pick the appropriate statistics test for your study. Links in dotted underlines will take you to pages that elaborate statistical concepts.

Disclaimer: This tutorial assumes that you have already taken Elementary Statistics. It provides definitions and examples of concepts, but it is not as detailed as an Elementary Statistics course. Students who are currently taking Elementary Statistics should follow the terms and formats that their instructor has established for their course.