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The Debt Clock  

U.S. Government Budget

Check out the amount of the U.S. government debt here.  

Details on the U.S. Government's budget.

Government Cost See how much government spending will cost you in taxes and what you could have earned instead.
Resources for Economists on the Internet A great reference source for all kinds of information!
WebEc Resources for Economists, provided by Helsinki-based researchers.
Inomics           Site for economists with conferences, books, and a good search engine .
About Economics All kinds of information about economics -- including data sources, jobs, journals, and more.
Free The World  A comparison of countries with respect to economic freedom.
Free Trade Issues Center for Trade Policy Studies Web
Economic Education Links

AmosWeb: Help With Basic Economic Principles

Help With Supply and Demand Graphs

More Help With Supply and Demand

Great links for current data and definitions.  Sponsored by the National Council on Economic Education.

Interactive tests and information about principles of economics.

Enterprise Economy Market Based Perspective and Information for Business Leaders
Inflation Conversion Tables

Dollar Conversion Calculator

Cost of Living Index (Compares U.S. Cities)

Inflation conversion factors for dollars 1800 to the present.

Calculate the change in the value of a dollar over time.

Federal Reserve Economic Data
Monthly Consumer Price Index

Most Popular Movies of All Time

Tables showing CPI from 1950s to current month. Data broken down by category of CPI.

The Structure of the FED

This is a good site for information about the Federal Reserve System:  history, structure, monetary policy, and more.

See Also:  M.A. Akhtar, Understanding Open Market Operations

Federal Reserve Bank of NY, 1997.


The real story about the FED:  

"The Federal Reserve:  Then and Now" by Roger W. Garrison


Federal Reserve Economic Data
(FRED) Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Tables showing monthly GDP, from 1959 to present.
    Additional tables on production, consumption, income, investment found in FRED "Gross Domestic Product and Components" (updated monthly). 

    BEA access to National Income and Product Accounts, including GDP 

Bureau of Labor Statistics Easy to use chart format, lists 20 most commonly requested measurements of economic performance in three major categories: 
  • Labor Market Statistics; 
  • Hours, wages and productivity; & 
  • Prices. 
Each category also includes links to: 
  • graphs; 
  • more detailed data tables; and BLS explanatory articles and publications. 
Nominal Minimum Wage
Real Minimum Wage
Analysis of the Minimum Wage
History of the minimum wage in the United States, in nominal terms and in real terms.  Economic analysis of the minimum wage laws.

State Excise Tax Information

State Tax Information - Income, Etc.

State Corporate Income Tax Rates

Information on federal and state excise taxes on goods like gasoline, cigarettes, liquor, etc.
Second link also provides information on state income tax rates, etc.

Federal Corporate and Personal Income Tax Rates

Comparison of Countries and Income Taxed

Comparison of Countries - Corporate Income Tax

OECD Countries Tax Information

Frequently Requested Tables from the Statistical Abstract of the United States
(U.S. Census Bureau )
Links to the most commonly requested tables of U.S. population data. Examples include:
  • crime rates; 
  • education; 
  • home ownership; etc. 
(Also available is a summary of the information, in easily readable table format
OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Statistics from several different countries, including GDP, unemployment, etc.
Income, Expenditures and Wealth - White House Economics Statistics Briefing Room Summaries of U.S. data in 6 areas:
  • Disposable Personal Income
  • Per Capita Income
  • Farm Sector Income
  • Household Income
  • Poverty
  • Household Wealth
with links to detailed Census Bureau tables and color-coded graphs and charts.
Currency Exchange Rates - CNN Financial Network Online (CNNfn) Current exchange rates, organized by continent, in easy-to-read table format.
U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services: Current Month (U.S. Census Bureau Foreign Trade Division) Links to current and historical trade data. Especially good for students, see graphs and charts of current month's import and export totals with accompanying explanations.

US Foreign Trade in Goods and Services Highlights

Foreign Trade Statistics -- all kinds of information regarding foreign trade.

See also the
World Economic Window - "Balance of Payments - US Current Account"                - 10 year overview color graph

Search for Tariff Information on Specific Goods

GATT Guide

Budget Statistics from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Projected spending for current year, by category, in table format.
Current Budget Projections
Government deficits and debt from 1956 - present, in table format. 
Historical Budget Data

Historical Federal Spending and Receipts

Citizen's Guide to Government Spending

U.S. Department of Labor
This site provides information about the U. S. Department of Labor plus links
     to its many department agencies
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Information services at this site include Data, Economy at a Glance, Keyword Search of BLS Web Pages, Surveys & Programs, Publications, Regional Information, and Research Papers. Copies of published and unpublished BLS
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet This service of the Library of Congress provides access to the Congressional Record Index, the full text of legislation and the Congressional Record, "hot legislation", and the summaries and status of bills. Information regarding the
U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Congressional Commissions and Advisory Boards is also available here.
Anarcho-Capitalism:  An Annotated Bibliography Great source for readings on anarcho-capitalism:  for those students interested in more than just the mainstream stuff.

Antitrust Policy (An On-line Resource Linking Economic Research, Policy and Cases)

Antitrust Division's Case Filings since December 1994

Antitrust Case Information.

Important Antitrust Cases (summaries and decisions) -- Click on the "Contents" button for cases organized by economic issue.

The Antitrust Case Browser  (summaries of antitrust cases on the web)

Seniors - looking for a job? This is a job search engine for college seniors.
Career Options for Economics Majors Thinking about majoring in economics?  This site gives some suggestions about what you can do with a degree in economics.
Calculators for Personal Finance

More Calculators for Personal Finance

All types of financial calculators.
Top Franchises

Forbes Lists

Advertising Age Lists


Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 500 Franchises

Forbes Magazine's Lists (Top 500, Richest, Most Famous, etc.)

Top 100 Ad Campaigns, Slogans, Jingles


Commentary Links