Recent Press
May 2018 - Durango Herald article about our study of an active landslide near Durango - link to article
Apr 2018 - Durango Herald article referencing our work on Uranium contamination at the Durango Dog Park - link to article
Dec 2017 - FLC news release about a web map I made to help the public understand how the proposed reduction in Bears Ears and Grand Staircase National Monuments relates to energy resources in the region link to article
Sep 2017 - Durango Herald article about short film focused on our research of Uranium contamination at the Durango Dog Park link to article

Research Interests
Although I am interested in all parts of the Earth system, I am primarily a geomorphologist, which means I tend to study processes occurring at or near the land surface.

At Fort Lewis College, I am developing a student-centered research program wherein undergraduates will get hands-on experience doing original research on a variety of topics in geomorphology and environmental geology. Research themes may include (but are not limited to):
-Collection and analysis of low-cost, high-resolution topographic data for quantification of geomorphic hazards and processes
-Use of geochronology to constrain the ages of Pleistocene and Holocene sediments and surfaces
-Using new satellite-based platforms for remote sensing of landscape change over human timescales
-Instrumenting and characterizing flash floods in the dry washes of the Colorado Plateau region
-Deriving Holocene landscape histories from ephemeral streams of the Colorado Plateau region

I am also interested in interdisciplinary research, including:
-geoarcheology of the southwestern US
-snowpack hydrology and water use in the interior western US
-GIS as applied to just about anything

Ongoing student thesis projects (as of June 2018):
-Mapping and dating stream deposits in Bears Ears National Park (B. Tucker, L. Dohm, I. Korce)
-Using Structure-from-motion to track rock glacier movement in the San Juan Mountains (B. Miller)
-Measuring Uranium contamination at the Durango Dog Park (former Uranium mill) (J. Montano)
-Continued observation of the Missionary Ridge Rockfall (J. Colbert)
-Ecogeomorphic impacts of the Slims River stream capture, Yukon Territory (P. Pletnikoff)
-Lithologic controls on dissolution of Redwall Limestone in Grand Canyon (S. Heimel)
-Thermo-kinematic modeling of the Main Himalayan Thrust (C. Scheaffer)
-Geochronology of intrusive rocks in the Wilson Range, SW Co (M. Sanabria)

Recent student thesis projects:
-Geomorphic impacts of the 2017 high flows on the Dolores River (D. Shore)
-Quaternary geologic mapping of The Old Fort near Hesperus (S. Yokel and K. Mackelvey)
-Neotectonics and landscape evolution in the Sangre de Cristo range (K. Jamerson and D. Vitarelli)
-Mapping and interpretation of terrace deposits in Cascade Creek, CO (Z. Roberston)
-3-D printing topography to help students learn to read topographic and geologic maps (S. Pavey)
-Controls on heavy metal concentrations in the Animas River (K. Bryant and S. Talbott)
-Using LiDAR and structure-from-motion to extract fracture orientations from outcrops (S. Coombs and I. McBride)
-Interpretation of clastic dikes near Placerville, CO (J. Koch)
-Geomorphic Survey of Buckskin Gulch, UT (C. McGinn)
-Using structure-from-motion photogrammetry to survey the Missionary Ridge Rockfall (S. Greiner)

Past research projects:
-Recent and modern mountain-building in the Nepalese Himalaya
      -Harvey et al. (2015) (and two more in prep.)
-Dynamics of ephemeral streams in the alluvial valleys and slot canyons of the Colorado Plateau
      -Harvey and Pederson (2011) and Harvey et al. (2011)
-Mapping and dating glacial deposits in southwestern Alaska
-Using high-resolution topography to characterize transient fluvial incision