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Current Classes

Engr 201 - Electric Networks I

Engr 338 -
Digital Electronics

Phys 380 - Advanced Lab

Other Classes

Phys 106 - How Our World Works

Phys 145 - Astronomy

Phys 146 - Astronomy

Phys 202 - Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics

Phys 218 - Electricity and Magnetism

Engr 202 - Electric Networks II

Engr 337 -
Analog Electronics

Engr 410 -
Alternative Energy

Phys 301 - Electronics

Phys 340 - Optics

Phys-Eng 497 -
Senior Seminar

Senior Projects

Fort Lewis Observatory

Contact information

Charles L. Hakes

1000 Rim Drive

Durango, CO 81301

Office: Berndt Hall Room 630

Phone:  970-247-7242  (Note that this is NOT the most reliable way to reach me.)

FAX: 970-247-XXXX

My Schedule (including Office Hours)

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