BA 363: Local Business {Fall 2022}

General Course Material:   

·       Syllabus

·       Canvas

·        Close-toe, closed-toe, closed-toed or close-toed?  From Professor of English Erik Juergensmeyer: “I have always used ‘closed-toed’ which I have seen as the preferred spelling in the NYT.  However, as you have researched, that is not the sole spelling. Get it!”

·       Final Portfolio Assignment Hardcopy due on Monday 12/12/22.

·       List of Possibilities

·       Calendar



·       ICE 1: Find and submit on Canvas

·       ICE 2: In class work on Tuesday 9/6.  Be there for details.

·       ICE 3: Find and submit on Canvas.

·       ICE 4: Find and submit on Canvas.

·       ICE 5: In class work on Tuesday 9/20.  Be there for details.



Week 1:


Tu 8/30:          Meet in class, ICE 1, SOBA Activity Waiver

Th 9/1:            Tour Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad


Week 2:


Tu 9/6:            Meet at FLC/SOBA Center for Innovation in downtown

Th 9/8:            Tour Durango Craft Spirits with owners Michael and Amy McCardell


Week 3:


Tu 9/13:          Durango Trails with Director Mary Monroe

                        Mary’s Powerpoint

Th 9/15:          Carver Brewing Co with SOBA alumnus Jim, Colin and Claire Carver

                        Jim’s Handout 1 and Handout 2


Week 4:


Tu 9/20:          Meet in EBH 108.  Write Thank You notes and plan tours.

                        Documents:  Plan, Sample letter, sample email

Th 9/22:          The Chill Spot Barbershop with owner Gilbert Shawcroft


Week 5:


Tu 9/27:          Small Business Development Center with Director Mary Shepherd

Th 9/29:          Start Downtown Durango Project.


Week 6:


Tu 10/4:          Durango Artisan Foods with Mark Grubis.  Correct location is in Bodo Park.

                        See Canvas Announcement for details!

Th 10/6:          Complete Project, Start Portfolio


Week 7:


Tu 10/11:        Durango Hot Springs with SOBA alumnus Mason Quick

Th 10/13:        Ska Brewing Company with Dave Thibodeau


Week 8:


Tu 10/18:        Durango Harley-Davidson with Trevor and Catie Bird

Th 10/20:        Cream Bean Berry with Katie Burford


Week 9:


Tu 10/25:        Meet in EBH 108. 

Th 10/27:        Purgatory/Mountain Capital Partners with Ian Phillippi


Week 10:


Tu 11/1:          Steamworks with Brian McEachron  Canceled.  Steamworks unexpectedly closed today.

Th 11/3:          GovOS with SOBA Alumna and former Local Business student Haleigh Lyon


Week 11:


Tu 11/8:          Honeyville with SOBA alumnus Kevin Culhane

Th 11/10:        Swan Global Investments with Pat Steifel and SOBA alumnus Walt Stepanek


Week 12:


Tu 11/15:        Steamworks with SOBA alumnus Brian McEachron

Th 11/17:        StoneAge Waterblast Tools with Betsy Fitzpatrick and SOBA alum Will Foster


Week 13:


Tu 11/29:        RMCF at C4I and retail store

Th 12/1:          AGILE Space Technologies with CEO Andrew Thompson


Week 14:


Tu 12/6:          Serious Texas BBQ South

Th 12/8:          J Bo’s Pizza and Rib Company with Bo Maloney and free food!!!