TS2T 402 - Agriculture Issues in Society

Class Information and Downloadable Files


Class Syllabus

Timeline Assignment - Due 1/15/07   Relative Links:

        Phil Shuler's Timeline  http://faculty.fortlewis.edu/shuler_p/classeswebsites/timeline.htm

       USDA Summary Timeline:   http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/timeline/comp.htm

Acronym Assignment - Due 1/15/07

Introduction Speeches - Begin Jan 17, 2007

Review Introduction to Agriculture PowerPoint

Agrinews Reading Assignment-  Part I due 1/24/07  Part II due 4/2/07

USDA Statistics Assignment - Due 1/26/07

Student Discussion and Group Presentation Information

    Student Discussion Topics and Dates - February 9-19th

Review Food Safety PowerPoint or Print PowerPoint in Handout format

Public Meeting Form Due March 19th

Research Data Assignment  Due Feb 5th

Local Food Assessment PowerPoint

    SustainableSWColorado.org website

Population Power Point

Water Use Efficiency Power Point

Agriculture Issues and World Hunger Power Point

        WTO Handout

Wildlife-Livestock Interactions Power Point

Agricultural Trade Power Point

Agriculture Economics PowerPoint

LaPlata Open Space Conservancy Power Point

Farm Bill PowerPoint

Agrinews Guest Speaker - Leesa Kiewall PowerPoint

NRCS Programs PowerPoint

Global Climate Change is Affecting the San Juan Mountains

U.S. Should Sign the Kyoto Protocol

Community gardens should be mandated and funded by city governments

America's future is Pharming

Avian flu will cripple American Poultry farming

Sugar is a viable alternative energy source

rBGH should be outlawed in the United States

Animal identification is a great way for ranchers to keep track of livestock movement and diseases

Glen Canyon Dam

Ethanol Production in U.S. is misleading the public