Laura Scull
Research Interests

My area of study is algebraic topology. Topology is a kind of geometry that looks at how shapes can stretch and bend into one another. Algebraic topology uses algebra to describe these shapes.

My research in this field is in equivariant homotopy theory, which looks at spaces which are symmetric in some way. They might be mirror symmetric, or maybe they can rotate around and end up looking the same, like a circle. My current project is to look at orbifolds, which are a kind of space that are useful in physics, and try to understand them using equivariant homotopy.

Education and Employment:

B. Sc., 1994, Queen's University, Ontario, Canada
PhD, 1999, University of Chicago. Supervisor: Dr. Peter May
Postdoctoral Fellow, 1999-2001, University of Michigan
Faculty, 2001-2008, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Faculty, 2009-present, Fort Lewis College

Papers and Preprints:
  • Carla Farsi, Laura Scull, Jordan Watts
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    submitted to Proceedings of the AMS
    arXiv version or preprint

  • Tien Chih, Laura Scull
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    submitted to Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics
    arXiv version or preprint

  • Eugenia Ellis, Constanze Roitzheim, Laura Scull, Carolyn Yarnall
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    arXiv version or preprint

  • V. Coufal, D. Pronk, C. Rovi, L. Scull, C. Thatcher
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    Contemporary Mathematics vol 641: Women in Topology: Collaborations in Homotopy Theory, editors: Maria Basterra, Kristine Bauer, Kathryn Hess, Brenda Johnson, pp 135-166 (2015)
    arXiv version or preprint

  • D. Pronk and L. Scull
    Translation Groupoids and Orbifold Bredon Cohomology
    Canadian J. Math Vol 62 (3), pp 614-645 (2010)
    Published article or preprint and a correction

  • J. MacDonald and L. Scull
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    Published article or preprint

  • M. Bullejos and L. Scull
    A van Kampen theorem for equivariant fundamental groupoids
    JPAA Vol 212 pp 2059 - 2068 (2008)
    Published article or preprint

  • L. Scull
    A model category structure for equivariant algebraic models
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    Published article or preprint

  • L. Scull
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    Published Article or preprint

  • L. Scull
    Equivariant formality for actions of Torus groups
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    Published article or preprint

  • L. Scull
    Formality and S^1-Equivariant Algebraic Models
    Homotopy Theory: Relations with Algebraic Geometry, Group Cohomology, and Algebraic K-theory
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  • M. A. Mandell and L. Scull
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    Published article or preprint

  • L. Scull
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    Published article or preprint